The rental platform’s Covid-19 response sparked a double backlash from guests and hosts

Airbnb logo is seen displayed on a phone screen
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The good news is that people are reading more books during the pandemic than before. However, the numbers show people are buying the big names on popular websites while emerging authors can’t breakthrough. What can drive change in the book industry?

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Dr. Brené Brown hosted President Obama to talk about his book. Their friendly banter, which lasted 1 minute and 48 seconds, is a perfect example of how to start a conversation

In what has become a popular marketing approach, companies encourage their employees to become influencers and promote their brands through their private social media. What to avoid and how to do it right

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Four notable apologies dominated the public agenda recently. The Bachelor franchise issued direct and focused apologies, setting a positive example, unlike Timberlake’s elusive apology. What can we learn from these about PR's power to set the public agenda and encourage a socially responsible discourse?

Justin Timberlake, picture by Gage Skidmore Wikimedia Commons

Peloton is changing the media ecosystem by strengthening its role as a media company, providing both the platform and content

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The largest bank in the US announced its groundbreaking investment to fight racial inequality in housing but left out a key point: the social change it is driving.

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The new mediated shopping experience, where customers wait in line to enter a store, to pay or read their order to a salesperson, makes brands’ human connection more important than ever.

A Frozen Yogurt store during the Covid-19 pandemic. Picture by the author

Artwork at Tel Aviv beach was painted over after outrage over an assault on a teenage girl, sparking discussion about popular culture, politics, art, and gender.

The ‘Metzitzim’ (Peeping Toms) mural at the Tel-Aviv beach, picture by Udi Steinwell Wikipedia Commons

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